Fuck Love

What to say about this day? So many things, I would not be able to describe everything. I do not even know where to start … After dreaming about this moment so many times, this night just seems to be a dream like others. I didn’t dare imagine to see him at the Premiere in Switzerland, it was too beautiful to be true and suddently he appeared. All this, seemed real.
I can not contain my tears when I look at these pictures. A dream became true. The moment when he was just in front of me and smiled, I just wanted give him millions of hugs and never let him go. I have never been so moved.
There is always something we regret in this kind of situation, something we would like to change. I waited so long for this day and feel like I didn’t enjoy it enough. The actors were late but nevertheless they took time for people. Aidan was wonderful with all the fans. I am lost for words. I just need to keep dreaming because these moments are too precious. It is etched in my memory forever …
I Just met Aidan Turner, the person I admire the most, that’s all.

I am proud to share my happiness with you.


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